Box Make-up:

MR BOX has 30,000 square feet of covered asphalt where we have up to 8 box-forming machines running at any given time. We are able to form up to 50,000 boxes per day. Our facility allows us to make up the boxes in a controlled environment free of possible contamination. We have a professional crew that has years of experience, helping insure the best quality product for our customers.


MR BOX has multiple labeling lines setup at our facilities allowing us to label blueberry and grape clamshells. We can label both top and bottom labels. We are a certified Harvest Mark certified partner.


Our Delano facility has a piece of equipment that will laminate tri-fold and quad-fold ends for the tree fruit, citrus, and grape markets.

Logistics & Distriubtion:

MR BOX has locations on both ends of the Valley, one being in Lamont/Arvin, and one in Delano/Richgrove. We are able to serve our customers from either of our locations, helping the customers get their product from the field to the consumer in the shortest amount of time possible.

We have a fleet of trucks that we use to provide shipping to meet our customers need. Our trucks are dependable and are used primarily for local deliveries allowing us to respond quickly to last minute needs. We can ship mixed loads of material for maximum efficiency.